Calum and Belinda welcome you to Murchison House Station. We hope you enjoy your stay. The following information is a general guide for our guests. If you have any specific enquiries please don’t hesitate to ask.


Murchison House Station is a 350 000 acre working station originally established by Charles von Bibra in 1858. We have lived on the property since 1997 and are the current owners and managers. Our primary industry is the trapping and selling of rangeland goats. Every summer we muster or trap up to 5000 goats. We also run a small herd of cattle as well as a few sheep.  Tourism has become an increasingly significant part of our business. In addition to camping and 4WD access, quad bike tours, sand boarding and canoe safaris also operate from the homestead.


We are NOT a “tourist park”!!  Our aim is to provide a small, friendly and relaxed environment where people can enjoy the beautiful, peaceful and unique experience that is   “Murchison House”.

STATION ACCESS:  Please be advised that accommodation at the homestead does not include access to the rest of the property. Feel free to browse through the old shearing shed and von Bibras cottage but the private residences are private. Also, please remember that this is a working station and some areas are out of bounds. In the interest of your safety DO NOT enter the work shed area, stables or generator shed, and do not climb into trucks or machinery.

CAMPERS KITCHEN & COMMON ROOM are open 24 hrs. For the benefit of other guests please clean up after yourself. Laundry facilities are available in Kalbarri.

TOILETS/SHOWERS are located behind the Shearer’s quarters. Access is between rooms 4 & 5. Please remember to be conservative in your water usage and DO NOT FLUSH ANYTHING DOWN THE TOILET except toilet paper!

WATER: we pump our own water from a bore at the homestead. It is 100% safe to drink and has no added chemicals. Use wisely and enjoy! Please remember that washing of vehicles is strictly prohibited.

FIRE is always a risk in the bush!!! Small, controlled campfires are permitted in the camp ground during the winter months (wood not provided. You must collect your own!!). When individual fires are not allowed a communal fire pit is located under “The Pepper Tree” in front of the Shearers quarters (wood is provided for use at the communal fire).  Perfect for marshmallow toasting and star gazing…                                                                                                  

ANIMALS AND CHILDREN:  We have a growing collection of animals that live around the homestead. Children (and grown-ups!) are welcome to enter the old shearing shed to pat the baby goats but only under adult supervision. We also have alpacas, chooks and ducks. Please feel free to throw all food scraps to the chooks and ducks but PLEASE DO NOT FEED any of the other animals (including our dogs who like to pretend they are starved and unloved). PARENTS be responsible and PLEASE supervise your children!!!!

FOR ATTENTION: During office hours if you have any problems or enquiries please ring the bell located at the office.                                                                                                                                                

 When the office is closed the bell may be rung in an emergency. Please respect our private family time.